The federal democratic republic of Nepal is a country located in south Asia between China and India; it lies at roughly the same latitude as Saudi Arabia or Florida. Its northern areas are located in the Himalayas and as such, it is home to the world’s highest mountains, including the world’s tallest Mt. Everest standing at 8,848 meters (29,028 feet), which is surrounded by Tibet, the Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China, in the north, and India in the east, south and west. It covers 147,181 sq. kilometers (56,827 sq. miles). The lowest point is Kanchan Kalan at just 70 meters (679 feet). Nepal is a member country of the United Nations organization (UNO).

Nepal is one of the world’s poorest and least developed country and faces challenges on health, education, develop community, gender and more. Often, poor country already has to face challenges in many issues, at the same time, when these countries got natural disasters (earthquake, flood and landslide etc.) that bring more critical situation and challenges and Nepal often has same situation. We thought this is a main part of global challenges. We build up the team for help who got suffer from such challenges. Now, we are working on school because of education is foundation of development and education will be powerful path to solve challenges by themselves and it help to reduce the poverty.

Nepal is located at the boundary between Indian and Tibetan tectonic plates and therefore lies in a seismically active region continuous moving of Indian plate towards the north, it always risk zone for earthquake. so, we need your help to build up the earthquake safe school buildings.